Allana Wass ­­- Co-Founder and Certified Sleep Science Coach

Allana Wass

Allana Wass is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at TheComfybeddy. She has devoted herself to learning about sleep, researching the mattress industry, and refining how she tests mattresses. She also earned a Certified Sleep Science Coach (by Spencer Institute).

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Over the last 2 years, Allana has written over 150 articles about mattresses and sleep-related products. Her articles include reviews and guides that break down exactly what type of mattress suits sleepers, whether they sleep hot or cold, or if they are a lighter or heavier individual. She also writes reviews on other sleep products, like mattress toppers, bed frames, and pillows.

Allana also tests and reviews all the mattresses she has written articles on. Her tests combine her sleep science knowledge and her research on the mattress industry. She uses quantitative measurements that prove how comfortable a mattress is, such as measuring sinkage for pressure relief, edge support, and checking the mattress's temperature for coolness.

These tests are important to give the reader tangible evidence of which mattresses suit which type of sleeper. A lightweight sleeper may not sink deeply enough into a firm mattress to get its pressure-relieving effects, while a heavier sleeper will feel incredibly comfortable. Allana does her best to share these nuances of mattresses to educate the reader so they can make the best decision regarding their sleep.

Before her time at TheComfybeddy, Allana often struggled with getting a good night’s sleep. This struggle motivated her to do extensive research into the field of sleep and what differentiates a comfortable mattress from an uncomfortable one.

Since then, Allana has tested countless mattresses and updated her tests to include grading for the cutting-edge technology often seen in newer models, like the ability to keep a sleeper cool. She also explores other sleep products, hoping to give a well-rounded approach to sleep by sharing what mattress toppers, bed frames, and other bedding products are helpful. She enjoys helping others understand what mattress suits them best so they can avoid the struggles she went through to get better sleep.

You can learn more about the methodology behind Allana’s tests here.


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