Best Cheap Mattresses in Australia

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The best mattress is the one that can support your body and won’t make you wake up with a sore, stiff back.

And the great news?

The ability to relieve sore pressure points and give you comfort for years to come doesn’t depend on the price tag as much as you might think!

This article aims to prove exactly that.

Scroll down, and you’ll find reviews of the cheap mattresses and a thorough guide on how to choose one that’s right for you without ending up being disappointed.

A Quick Preview

Emma Comfort

Emma Comfort
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Newentor Hybrid Mattress
Best Cheap Hybrid

Newentor Hybrid Mattress
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Origin Hybrid Mattress
Best Soft Hybrid

Origin Hybrid Mattress
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Lazycat Spring Mattress
Best for Hot Sleepers

Lazycat Spring Mattress
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Koala Mattress
Best Flippable Mattress

Koala Mattress
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Our Reviews of the Best Budget Mattresses in Australia (March 2024)

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice — Emma Comfort

Emma Comfort Mattress


  • Proprietary Airgocell to ensure proper thermoregulation during sleep;
  • 10-year warranty for your peace of mind;
  • Adaptive foam construction to ensure even weight redistribution and tension alleviation during sleep;
  • Zoned base layer to achieve optimal support for all sections of the body and aid proper alignment;
  • Removable, washable cover for fuss-free maintenance.

Created with the users best interest at heart, this mattress offers incredible value for money that rivals costlier models. And the Emma is one of the options that can help with that. It is priced $390 less than the Koala, and only $111 more expensive than the Origin Hybrid. This balanced price lends itself to a quality memory foam mattress with a bounce that is better than the Koala by 4.1 inches. That means the Emma Comfort is better suited to sleepers who want a cheaper and bouncier mattress that’s helpful for active couples.

This model combines cradling foam with a zoned support layer. They work together to ensure the sleeper remains properly supported during the night. The mattress hugs the protruding body parts and fills in the curves where needed. As a result, pressure spreads out across the body evenly, which can help with pain alleviation. From my tests, the Emma Comfort had 0.15 inches more sinkage than the Koala on its medium-firm side. That means the Emma has slightly more contouring that can help enhance the feeling of pressure relief. “The Emma Mattress is a suitable option for helping with back pain. The support layer’s memory foam can contour and fill the space around the lumbar region, while the foundation’s support layer keeps the spine aligned,” explained Bridget Chapman, a Senior Product Editor of Sleepopolis.

I tested the Emma mattress in different sleeping positions and felt adequately supported in each. This means the mattress does its job well. The Emma Comfort is 1.5 points softer than the Peace Lily mattress regarding firmness, which means the Emma Comfort is well-balanced for both side and back sleeping.

Side sleeping on the Emma Comfort Mattress
Side sleeping on the Emma Comfort Mattress

This model can also be an excellent solution for allergy sufferers. The thing is, allergens tend to build up in the bedroom, and especially on the mattress. While vacuuming could help reduce the number of allergens, washing the mattress cover is more effective. Luckily, the Emma comes with a removable cover. Thanks to that, allergy-prone sleepers can keep their bed fresh and safe.

Based on Our Review

I liked how responsive this mattress felt during testing. The Emma Comfort didn’t sink too deeply and it offered the right amount of support.

Emma Comfort Mattress's Cover
Edge support of the Emma Comfort Mattress

Best Cheap Hybrid - Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Newentor Hybrid Mattress


  • A well-rounded price point that makes this hybrid more accessible to sleepers on a tight budget;
  • The memory foam layer is soft and conforming, relieving pressure off of shoulders and hips;
  • The Bouncy Q Flow foam and coils give the mattress a springy nature, keeping you restriction-free.

The Newentor Hybrid is my best hybrid mattress due to its excellent price point, bouncy feel, and robust edge support. Hybrid mattresses are often seen on the luxury side of mattresses, but the Newentor Hybrid has a great value-for-money price, $360 cheaper than the Koala, an all-foam mattress. Despite the price difference, the Newentor Hybrid is actually 0.5 points softer than the Koala’s firm side. That means you can get a softer, springier, and more affordable sleep if you opt for the Newentor Hybrid.

Looking more closely at the springy feel of the Newentor Hybrid, this mattress strikes a near-perfect balance between comfort and bounce. While testing this mattress, I measured a total bounce of 10.8 inches. I felt springy support that ensured I was restriction-free while shifting across the mattress top. The Newentor Hybrid has 1.2 inches more bounce than the Lazycat spring mattress. That means the Newentor Hybrid is better suited to sleepers who want affordable and buoyant sleep.

This bounce from the Bouncy Q Flow foam layers and robust coils translates to more durable edges, which is helpful for remaining stable while sitting or curling up on the edges of your bed. In light of my tests, I recorded a compression of 3.8 inches while sitting on the edge. I could easily get in and out of bed without fear of slipping. This is better edge support than the Peace Lily on its medium side by about 0.5 inches. That makes the Newentor Hybrid the better option for sleepers who prefer stable edges or are heavier.

Based on Our Review

When testing this mattress, I found the zoned coil system helped keep my hips lifted and aligned with my spine. I was comfortable on my side, without experiencing tension or pressure build up on my shoulders or hips. I was evenly supported, with every part of my body receiving the right amount of pressure.

Edge Support of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Side sleeping on the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Best Soft Hybrid - Origin Hybrid Mattress

Origin Hybrid Mattress


  • Utilizes a unique hexagon technology that allows customized and cushioning comfort under the shoulders;
  • The Tencel cover and cool bamboo memory foam help disperse heat, keeping hot sleepers' temperature neutral;
  • This soft and cradling model comes at a cost-effective price, suitable for budget-conscious sleepers.

The Origin Hybrid is my best soft hybrid mattress that is cheap due to its softer firmness, cool temperature, and price.

Sleepers sometimes struggle to find a suitably cheap mattress that doesn’t feel as firm as a rock. This is where the Origin Hybrid can help. In light of my tests, I gauged the firmness of this mattress to reside around 6.5. I noticed the hexagonal shapes compressed slightly more under my shoulder, and I felt soft support that made my entire body feel comfortable.

The Origin Hybrid was 0.5 points softer than the Lazycat, mainly due to the latex layer included in the Lazycat. That means the Origin Hybrid is a better suit for sleepers who want an affordable mattress that feels slightly softer. “The Origin Hybrid is one of our best mattresses as it is an excellent choice for back sleepers. Both my husband and I slept on the Origin Hybrid and felt comfortable on our backs. It was nice and supportive,” stated Jo Plumridge, a writer of TechRadar.

A cool place to sleep is also something that shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, the Origin Hybrid uses a cool-to-the-touch cover, bamboo memory foam, wool, and coils to help disperse heat. Derived from my tests, the Origin Hybrid had a temperature of 30.5 degrees Celsius. I was comfortably cool and dry, thanks to the combined cooling abilities of the model.

Origin Hybrid Mattress's cover
Origin Hybrid Mattress's cover

The Origin Hybrid was 1.1 degrees cooler than the Koala, making the Origin Hybrid one of the better and cheaper options for a cool, soft sleep.

The Origin Hybrid also comes at a competitive price for sleepers seeking a soft yet bouncy sleep surface. The Origin Hybrid is $591 cheaper than the Koala, and $231 less expensive than the Newentor Hybrid, a similar hybrid model. It has less sinkage than these models by only 0.48 inches and 0.45 inches, respectively. That makes the Origin Hybrid a suitable option for fans of a soft sleep surface at a better price.

Based on Our Review

From my tests, I felt quite comfortable while lying on my side. The cut hexagons did an excellent job of making me feel weightless. The foam also bounced back quickly, ensuring I could shift positions effortlessly.

Edge support of the Origin Hybrid Mattress

Side sleeping on the Origin Hybrid Mattress

Best for Hot Sleepers - Lazycat Spring Mattress

Lazycat Spring Mattress


  • The eurotop is cushioning, ensuring pressure relief that keeps muscles tension-free and pleasantly contoured;
  • The breathable foam and coil layers keep a consistent airflow, helping hot sleepers stay cool at night;
  • The slow-acting foam layers help relieve pressure, offering a ‘weightless’ experience.

The Lazycat spring mattress is my best option for hot sleepers due to its excellent cooling technology, high bounce level, and moderately slow-adapting foam. Often, affordable mattresses struggle with keeping a cool surface and can get stuffy at night. Luckily, the Lazycat utilises a breathable cover, gel memory foam, latex, and breathable coils to disperse heat. Through my review, I recorded a temperature of 30.4 degrees Celsius. I was pleasantly heat-free and slept soundly without any night sweats.

This is 0.20 degrees cooler than the Newentor Hybrid, making the Lazycat a slightly better option for hot sleepers.

Lazycat Spring Mattress' cover
Lazycat Spring Mattress' cover

In addition to being a suitable option for hot sleepers, the Lazycat boasts an excellent bounce that responds well to fast movement. I could change sleeping positions effortlessly and felt buoyant while lying on this model. From my review, I recorded a total bounce value of 9.6 inches. This is 3.1 inches more than the Ergoflex 5G, an all-foam mattress. That means the Lazycat is better suited to active couples or sleepers who want an affordable, buoyant sleep surface.

Another feature that stood out to me regarding the Lazycat is its slow-acting foam. The Lazycat uses latex, gel memory foam, and a coil system that gives a unique response time. Latex and coils are springy, while gel memory foam is slow-adaptive. Due to this, I felt pleasantly buoyant yet well-contoured. In light of my test, I measured a full recovery from compressions at 0.8 seconds. This is slower than the Emma Comfort mattress by 0.6 seconds, making the Lazycat better for sleepers looking for affordable, contouring pressure relief.

Based on Our Review

My tests indicate that the Lazycat is suitable for side and stomach sleepers, with back sleepers likely feeling the most comfortable. I found the zoned coil system ergonomic and supportive, filling the lumbar of my back and lifting my hips. There was still enough give for my shoulders and muscles, redistributing my weight for pleasant tension relief.

Edge support of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Side sleeping on the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Best Flippable Mattress - Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress


  • The zoned support base offers ergonomic pressure relief that adequately supports the hips;
  • The firm side of the Kloudcell™ foam layer offers conforming sinkage that supports the spine and lumbar;
  • The softer side of the comfort layer is more cradling and gentle, with a pressure-relieving body hug.

The Koala mattress is my best flippable mattress due to its unique Kloudcell™ foam layer, responsiveness, and ability to isolate motion. The Kloudcell™ foam layer’s firmer side offers better support, while I found its softer side to feel more conforming for my shoulders and hips. From my tests, the Koala was 0.27 inches more supportive on its firm side than the Emma Comfort, making the Koala the better choice for spinal alignment.

The Koala mattress also has excellent responsiveness. I noticed it was moderately easy to switch positions despite the mattress’s use of dense, slow-adaptive memory foam. The Koala is one of the few cheap mattresses with some of the best balances between responsiveness and motion isolation. From my review, the Koala isolated 5 inches more than the Peace Lily mattress, showing how well-performing the dense memory foam layers are.

The Koala has contouring foam that isolates motion excellently. This can help restless couples avoid bouncier mattresses that cause disturbances as more motion travels across the bed. In my tests, the glass of water only began to shift at around the 2-inch mark from my compression tests on the medium-firm side. The firm side was similar, only reacting to compressions at the 2.5-inch mark. The isolation was so excellent that my partner couldn’t notice it when I got in or out of bed. 

The Koala outperformed the Newentor in regards to motion isolation by 3 inches on its medium-firm side, and 2.5 inches on its firm side. That makes the Koala better suited to light sleepers who need less jostling at night from a restless partner.

The Koala outperformed the Newentor in regards to motion isolation by 3 inches on its medium-firm side, and 2.5 inches on its firm side. That makes the Koala better suited to light sleepers who need less jostling at night from a restless partner.

Based on Our Review

Based on my tests with the Koala, this mattress is one of the few cheap mattresses with excellent firmness and motion isolation, a feat hard to pull off. I was well-supported on my back and didn’t experience much jostling from my partner’s tossing and turning.

Edge support of the Koala Matttress

Side sleeping on the Koala Mattress

Why You Should Trust Me

Budget mattresses need a blend of comfort, pressure relief, motion isolation, and a low price to qualify for this list. When we select our mattresses, we use years of industry knowledge and countless mattresses tested in person. We know which mattresses suit which type of sleeper and share our findings in each recommendation we make.

Comfort, pressure relief, motion isolation, and a low price are most important for a cheap mattress because they guarantee a restful night's sleep. Deep sinkage redistributes weight, delivering pressure relief. Light sleepers don't have to worry if their partner tosses and turns as the motion isolation properties reduce jostling. You can learn more about how we test for these characteristics here.

What to Expect from an inexpensive mattress?

Many factors influence the final price of the mattress: the quality of the materials, certification, extra features and popularity.

So, let’s see what you can expect from an average inexpensive mattress, so you can outline your budget more wisely.

  • Thinner construction. Thicker mattresses require more resources and energy to be produced, which is directly reflected in the price. So, if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly bed, prepare to browse through models that are on the thinner side — 24–27 cm high on average. These mattresses will most likely have up to 5–6 layers.
  • Fewer features. Extra perks such as a removable cover, carrying handles, or a zoned base layer will add additional costs to the price of your bed. However, the mattress market is constantly expanding. As new mattress brands pop up, the chances today of finding a low-cost bed, with additional  features, is significantly higher than it was 2–3 years ago.
  • Lower quality of materials. Sometimes mattress brands replace natural materials for cheaper, synthetic ones or import them from other countries, i.e. China, to reduce the cost of the final product. This may impact the durability of the mattress or its hypoallergenic properties, so be sure to check certification labels before you buy.
  • Cheaper fabrics. The same goes for the fabrics. It’s unlikely that you’ll find natural cotton, bamboo, or linen cover on a cheap mattress. Polyester, synthetic blends, and semi-natural Tencel fibre are the most common options.

“Sometimes, however, you might get lucky and purchase a discontinued model for a mediocre price. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the mailing list from the mattress store so that you won’t miss the deal.”

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Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

Which Mattress Type is the Cheapest?

There’s one thing that remains stable, regardless of your budget: the four most common mattress types.

Despite the vast choice of models, you’re still choosing from  innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, or latex.

So, which one of these mattress types is the most budget-friendly?

See for yourself!

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring beds in different variations are the most popular mattress type in Australia (1). 

It gets even better:

Traditional innerspring mattresses are also the most affordable mattress type you can find, as they feature simple construction with 1–2 comfort layers above the coil block.

The main features of an innerspring mattress are: 

  • great edge support;
  • uniform surface;
  • ability to withstand large weights, which makes them a good choice for a heavy user.

However, innerspring mattresses are also the first to wear out and should be replaced every 7–10 years.

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Memory Foam Mattresses

The second best mattress type on the market, memory foam mattresses, are known for their exceptional pain relief and cradling benefits. Due to the popularity of memory foam beds, you can find a lot of them in the low-cost segment. Note, though, that most common memory foam complaints — such as poor thermoregulation, chemical odours, and excess sinkage — may become more pronounced in cheaper models.

“Memory foam beds with low-density foam cores also are more prone to losing their shape and supportive properties quickly, so be sure to pair your mattress with a supportive bed base.” - Nectarsleep

Hybrid Mattresses

The mattress type combines a coil core and foam layers. Typically, hybrids deliver a balance between natural spinal support and pressure relief.

The main problem with hybrid beds is their inconsistency. Depending on the materials used, you can find an awesome mattress for AUD $300 or end up with a complete waste for AUD$1,500. So be sure to do your research or look for professional reviews to choose the best model for you.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses seem to be the preferred mattress type They’re made of natural and renewable material, are hypoallergenic, and also breathable.

The thing is, they’re also the most expensive.

You’ll rarely find an all-latex mattress under AUD $1,000, unless you stumble upon a sale, or purchase a discontinued model. As a compromise, however, you can opt for mattresses that feature a latex layer.

How to Avoid Disappointment When Choosing the Best Cheap Mattress in Australia?

It is possible to avoid disappointment and find a suitable, budget-friendly mattress. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when selecting your best, cheap mattress.

What to look for: 

  • Shop online. Online mattress shopping has many benefits compared to a traditional visit to a mattress store. First, there are no pushy salesmen following you around. Second, you can review several brands at once at your own pace — all without leaving the bed! Finally, online stores have countless deals and promotions that can help you grab a mattress with a significant price reduction.
  • Read reviews. Reviews of actual users, preferably with photos, can help you understand how the given model performs in real life, so you can make the right decision without getting trapped into marketing gimmicks.
  • Make the most of your trial and warranty. Warranty and trial ensure your protection in case something goes wrong. Fortunately, many online mattress brands have an extended trial period (2) — 30–60 nights on average, with some brands giving you up to 100 nights — so you can thoroughly test your mattress and see if it works for you.


Is it okay to buy a cheap mattress?

Yes, it is okay to buy a cheap mattress as long as it is made of quality components. Features like high-density memory foam and a sturdy base will ensure your investment goes a long way.

How long should a cheap mattress last?

A cheap mattress should last approximately 5-10 years, depending on the materials used and the quality of the mattress. Materials like spring coils, dense memory foam, and latex are known to last longer without sagging.


Even though you have a strict budget for buying a mattress, you still have a lot of options to choose from. To ensure that you grab the best deal, don’t hesitate to look for the brand’s history on the market, read real  reviews, and remember your own preferences because the best mattress should feel comfortable, regardless of the price.

Our top choice among affordable mattresses is Emma Comfort. Even though on the cheap side of things, it does not compromise on value offered. A memory foam build, its firmness level offers the support and appropriate cushioning needed to achieve optimal relaxation.


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