Best Mattress for Arthritis in Australia

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Arthritis is a prevalent health issue that causes painful inflammation and stiffness of the body's joints. This disease can be excruciating and will make vital functions like sleeping uncomfortable.  The cure for arthritis is still unknown, but there are several ways sleepers can alleviate the painful symptoms and ensure a peaceful night’s rest. One of the most effective ways of relieving these pains is purchasing a high-quality mattress. However, this begs the question, which mattress is the best for arthritis?

Today's article will review five top-rated mattresses for arthritis in Australia. This article will highlight important factors to consider when buying a mattress for arthritis.

Quick Overview

Emma Comfort
Best Overall

Emma Comfort
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Newentor Hybrid Mattress
Best Hybrid Option

Newentor Hybrid Mattress
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Lazycat Spring Mattress
Best for Hot Sleepers

Lazycat Spring Mattress
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The Koala Mattress
Best Memory Foam Option

The Koala Mattress
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Best Latex Mattress for Arthritis Sufferers

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5 Best-Rated Mattresses for Arthritis (January 2024)

Best Overall - Emma Comfort

Emma Comfort Mattress


  • Elastic Airgocell and Supportive HRX foam layers for a plush and firm mattress.
  • Breathable fabric cover with moisture wicking properties ensuring a cool sleep.
  • Zoning technology which provides optimal alignment of joints and pressure points.

The Emma comfort mattress is the best overall mattress for sleepers suffering from arthritis. This mattress comprises a breathable cover, flexible Airgocell Foam, and HRX comfort foam for support. These three layers create a medium-firm mattress that gently cradles the bones of sleepers with arthritis. From my tests, the Emma Comfort had 0.33 inches more sinkage than the Peace Lily on its firm side. That makes the Emma Comfort a better choice for deep sinkage and cradling.

I found the motion absorption capabilities to be first in class, and couples will enjoy this feature.

In addition, the support foam layer on the Emma comfort mattress uses zoning technology to ensure the proper alignment of joints and pressure points. This also impacts how well the Emma Comfort can isolate motion. Regarding my tests, the Emma Comfort had 4.5 inches better motion isolation than the Peace Lily. That means the Emma Comfort is a better option for couples, which may help people with arthritis from getting jostled by restless partners and aggravating their symptoms.

Motion transfer of the Emma Comfort Mattress

Based on Our Review

I felt that this mattress cushioned my body during my tests. The motion isolation also impressed me and I found the bed to be quiet. I think people with arthritis will enjoy the stability and comfort of this mattress.

Emma Comfort Mattress edge support
Emma Comfort Mattress Firmness

Best Hybrid Option - Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Newentor Hybrid Mattress


  • Provides excellent contouring from its Gel-Visco Flow layer, which may help arthritic patients;
  • This model has stable edges that can create a reliable surface for arthritic patients who may want an easier time getting out of bed;
  • The bounce in this model is responsive and supportive, helping with ease of movement.

The Newentor Hybrid is my best hybrid option for arthritic patients in Australia due to its contouring sinkage, slow-adaptive pressure relief, and reliable edge support. The Newentor Hybrid utilises a Gel-Visco Flow foam layer that’s contouring, conforming to the body's pressure points for weight redistribution. In light of my tests, I recorded a sinkage of 1.9 inches. I could sink into the memory foam layer comfortably and then be balanced out by the coils below for springy, contouring relief.

This is 0.3 inches less sinkage than the Emma Comfort, meaning the Newentor Hybrid is better suited to arthritic patients who may want more ease of movement and an ‘on’ the bed feel.

Slow adaptive pressure relief is another point that I think may be helpful for arthritic patients. When I was testing this model, I measured a full recovery after 1.1 seconds, which is moderately slow. After a slight delay, I noticed the top layers conform around my body, enjoying even weight redistribution and pressure relief. This is 0.9 seconds slower than the Emma Comfort, which means the Newentor Hybrid offers a slower, traditional memory foam hybrid feel that sleepers may prefer more.

Another feature that may be helpful for arthritis patients is the Newentor Hybrid’s sturdy edge support. While testing, I measured a compression of 3.8 inches along the edge. I was stable and supported while sitting on the edge, and I didn’t feel at risk of slipping. This may benefit arthritic patients with limited mobility who need a stable surface when rising.

The Newentor Hybrid has firmer edges than the Peace Lily’s medium side by 0.5 inches, meaning the Newentor Hybrid better suits fans of a robust and reliable edge.

Edge support of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress
Edge support of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Based on Our Review

During my thorough test of the Newentor Hybrid, I woke up absent of tingles or soreness while sleeping on my side. There was a balance between comfort and support that kept my spine aligned and muscles tension-free. The coil system ergonomically responded to my body weight, keeping pressure to a minimum.

Side sleeping on the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Newentor Hybrid Mattress's Cover

Best for Hot Sleepers - Lazycat Spring Mattress

Lazycat Spring Mattress


  • Has a well-balanced response time for effective pressure relief that may help arthritic patients;
  • Offers breathable layers and coils that help draw away heat, keeping hot sleepers cool;
  • Has a high bounce value that makes moving across the mattress effortless and quick.

The Lazycat spring mattress is my best option for arthritic patients who are hot sleepers, thanks to its inherent coolness, balanced response, and high bounce. Arthritic sleepers may feel uncomfortable if they're sticking to the mattress due to heat sweats. Luckily, the linen cover and breathable layers of the Lazycat help keep this model cool even on hot summer nights. As per my tests, I measured a temperature of 30.4 degrees Celsius. I was pleasantly cool, even in hot summer temperatures.

However, the Koala mattress has 31.6 degrees Celsius. That means the Lazycat is a better option for hot sleepers looking for long-lasting relief that may help with arthritic joints.

Arthritic sleepers may struggle with beds with fast or slow response times. Too fast may not contour to the body enough for pressure relief, while too slow of response can inhibit movement. Thankfully, the Lazycat strikes an even balance. While testing this model, I noted a response timing of 0.8 seconds after compressing the layers. I was pleasantly contoured, yet could still shift sleeping positions easily enough. This allowed the gel air memory foam to redistribute my weight for good pressure relief.

The Lazycat had a 0.3-second slower recovery speed than the Koala on its firm side. That means both models have a similar response time, with the Lazycat slightly slower for sleepers preferring slow-adaptive relief.

Another feature that the Lazycat excels at is high bounce. A high bounce enables fast and easy movement across the bed’s surface, which may help if you have limited mobility. In light of my review, I recorded a bounce of 9.6 inches. The coils responded quickly against my weight and kept me buoyant as I tossed and turned freely.

The Lazycat was 2.2 inches bouncier than the Koala, making the Lazycat the better option for sleepers who prefer a buoyant, springy feel to their bed.

Bounce of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Based on Our Review

After putting the Lazycat through my tests, I was impressed with the supportive yet plush comfort layers. The mix of gel air memory foam and natural latex provided weight redistribution, so I was tension-free. However, it remained supportive, so my spine stayed neutral. The bounce of the coils also ensured I could easily switch up my sleeping position.

Side sleeping on the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Edge support of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Best Memory Foam Option - The Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress


  • The high-density memory foam layer on the bottom provides brilliant support;
  • Provides zoned-support to minimise pressure on pressure points;
  • The top layer can be flipped to adjust firmness.

The Koala is my best memory foam option for sleepers with arthritis due to its dense memory foam, edge support, and motion isolation ability.

The open-cell foam used here is about 30% denser than other memory foams, which adds up to the comfort of the top layer and makes up an amazing sleeping space. Hips and shoulders are usually parts that get neglected in many mattresses, and patients have to keep turning sideways to remove the pressure from those parts. The Koala mattress contours those parts and adapts to the body curves, completely supporting all regions.

The Koala mattress offers excellent edge support that may also be helpful for arthritic patients. Its edges are resilient due to dense foam, which can handle more weight and pressure. From my tests, the Koala’s medium firm side had 0.8 inches of better edge support than the Peace Lily on its medium side. That makes the Koala better for creating a stable surface for arthritic patients to get in and out of bed.

Edge support of the Koala Mattress
Edge support of the Koala Mattress

Another excellent feature of the Koala mattress is its ability to provide sound motion isolation for arthritic patients to feel less disturbed while sleeping. Its firmer side had 1 inch better motion isolation than the Emma Comfort, making both mattresses similar in their ability to muffle most motion from a partner.

Motion transfer of the Koala Mattress

Overall, a great new mattress with extra points for its responsiveness, adjustability, and refreshening quality. 

Based on Our Review

I tested this mattress sleeping only on my back and especially enjoyed the constant contour and thermoregulation during sleep.

Side sleeping on the Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress's Cover

Best Latex Mattress for Arthritis Sufferers - Peacelily

Peacelily Mattress


  • Flexible and versatile construction with different firmness levels on the top and bottom sides.
  • Made with environmentally friendly latex material that is hypoallergenic and breathable.
  • 25-year warranty period, which provides buyers with more assurance.

The Peacelily is the ideal mattress for arthritis patients unsure of their firmness preferences. This mattress has a one-of-a-kind design with different foam layers with varying levels of firmness on each side. The top side of this mattress has a medium firmness level that is gentle and comfortable for side sleepers.

This mattress is made with 100% natural latex and comprises three latex foam layers.

The Peace Lily’s ability to dissipate heat may be helpful if you have arthritic symptoms, as heat and night sweats can make sleeping more uncomfortable. I recorded a maximum temperature of 30.3 degrees Celsius with this model. From my tests, the Peace Lily was cooler by 1.3 degrees than the Koala mattress. Out of the two, the latex layers and breathable cover of the Peace Lily help dissipate more effortlessly.

The Peace Lily’s excellent bounce is another helpful feature for arthritic patients, as this increases ease of movement and makes shifting positions much more effortless. My bounce tests indicated the Peace Lily’s medium side had a height of 9.01 inches. Based on my tests, the Peace Lily had 1.61 inches more bounce on its medium side than the Koala. That means the Peace Lily is better suited to keeping you buoyant and free from feeling stuck in the layers.

I also liked the 25-year warranty period on this mattress.

Based on Our Review

During my review, I found the adjustable firmness feature to be very helpful. This latex bed also stayed cool during the night and I didn’t feel sweaty. 

Peace Lily Mattress Edge Support
Peace Lily mattress on a bed frame

Why You Should Trust Me

I’ve tested many mattresses over the years, learning which mattresses are better for different sleepers. I test for various features like pressure relief, stability, and support. I also test for coolness, comfort, and ease of cleaning.

When it comes to choosing the best mattress for arthritis in Australia, I keep these factors in the forefront of my mind. The mattresses that excelled in pressure relief, support, and stability ranked higher on my list. They may suit arthritic patients better, based on my analytics and expert experience. To learn more about my methodology for mattress testing, you can read more about my process here.

How to Choose a Mattress for Arthritis 

Choosing the ideal mattress for arthritis involves answering crucial questions, including how firm should the mattress be, what’s the best mattress type for arthritis and what makes a good mattress for arthritis. I’ll answer these questions below to offer more insight into the mattress that best suits you! 

How Firm Should the Mattress Be?

In truth, the firmness preference of every sleeper differs and is often associated with the sleeper's weight. Lightweight people tend to prefer softer mattresses that provide significant contouring around the body, whereas heavier sleepers prefer firmer models that offer more support. Note that your body weight doesn't always determine the ideal firmness level. So, I advise sleepers with arthritis to test mattresses and decide their most suitable firmness level. 

What’s the Best Mattress Type for Arthritis?

There are four main mattress types: latex, hybrid, innerspring and memory foam. Let’s discuss these mattress types below. 


Latex mattresses are known for their light and bouncy feel. This bed type is similar to memory foam mattresses in terms of construction; however, it feels less dense. Latex beds are also hypoallergenic, so sleepers need not worry about bugs or allergens on the mattress.


Hybrid mattresses are constructed with an innerspring core surrounded by latex or foam comfort layers. This mattress type provides the perfect balance between stability and comfort for sleepers with arthritis. 


Innerspring mattresses are widely regarded as the most traditional type of mattress. These mattresses are primarily made up of springs for extra stability and usually have a comfort foam layer for added cushioning. 

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses are the best for sleepers who want a mattress that provides contouring. These mattresses are dense and do a great job of relieving pressure points. These mattresses are constructed with multiple foam layers that hug the sleeper's body. However, these mattress trap heat, so they may not be suited for hot sleepers. 

What Makes a Good Mattress for Arthritis?

So, what should a good mattress for arthritis consist of? Pressure relief, durability, and edge support are three of the most important criteria

Pressure relief 

Sleepers who suffer from arthritis typically prefer beds with excellent pressure relief [1].

"I recommend using mattresses that contours around the body like memory foam mattresses.

The contouring helps relieve pressure in the joints so that sleepers can rest more comfortably.  


Durability is crucial for any mattress. Of course, you want to buy something that will last longer and provide excellent value. Prospective buyers should consider mattress companies that offer a 15-to-30-year guarantee. 

Edge support 

Edge support is a feature that refers to the firmness of the mattress perimeter. This feature is handy for sleepers with arthritis because a firm perimeter makes it easier to roll out of bed. 

Other factors to consider 

Factors such as motion absorption, warranty and price also play a role in the best mattress for arthritis

Motion absorption 

Motion absorption is an important factor when picking a mattress for arthritis sleepers. This feature determines how well the mattress absorbs movement. Motion absorption is crucial for couples, especially if one partner suffers from this condition because any motion can lead to pain.   


A good mattress should come with a lengthy warranty period.

I suggest opting for mattresses with at least a 10-year warranty.”


Sleepers who suffer from arthritis need to consider the mattress price because there may be a need to purchase extra accessories for the mattress.

So, I recommend setting aside extra money to buy another item for maximum comfort.”


What is the best mattress for osteoarthritis sufferers?

The Emma comfort mattress is the best mattress for osteoarthritis sufferers. This mattress provides the ideal firmness level for sleepers suffering from this condition.

Is a firm or soft mattress better for arthritis?

The ideal firmness for a mattress depends on the sleepers. Some sleepers prefer soft mattresses, while others prefer firmer mattresses.

I recommend testing the mattress to determine the best mattress for you.” 


We’ve reached the end of today’s mattress review. Remember to consider the firmness of the mattress. The firmness determines the level of comfort you’ll experience on the bed. It is also essential to consider the motion isolation, warranty and price of the mattress you’re getting. Fortunately, the mattresses reviewed all perform admirably in these aspects.

But if we had to recommend a mattress, our top pick would be the Emma Comfort mattress. This mattress provides the perfect softness that will suit most sleepers with arthritis. Also, feel free to experiment with the other bed I shared in the article.

Hopefully, this review has offered insight into Australia's best mattresses for arthritis. Kindly leave any comments or questions you may have below. We'll answer in no time!


  1. Cleveland Clinic (2021) Arthritis: Symptoms, Causes, Types & Treatment. Retrieved from:

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  1. Which mattress type is ideal for arthritis?

    1. The ideal mattress type for arthritis often depends on individual preferences and comfort. In general, memory foam and latex mattresses are often recommended for their excellent contouring and pressure-relief properties. However, it’s crucial to test out different types.

  2. I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful article. It has proven to be an invaluable resource in my search for the ideal mattress to alleviate my arthritis symptoms. Your expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping me make an informed choice for better comfort and pain relief.

    1. I’m overjoyed to learn that the article played a crucial role in your search for the perfect mattress to alleviate arthritis symptoms. Your comfort and health are paramount, and I’m thrilled to have been of assistance.

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