Best Mattress For Hip Pain in Australia

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Many adults in Australia report that foot, keen, or hip pain keeps them awake. If you experience hip pain while sleeping, odds are the culprits could be your mattress or sleep position. A mattress that's too hard or soft can trigger pressure points leading to a sore hip.

The best mattress for hip pain should feel firmer around your hips and lower back to reduce shrinkage in these areas. It needs to be stable and buckle under the heavy areas of your body to reduce pain around and in the hips (1).

If you're grappling with hip pain, choosing the right mattress is paramount. In this article, I’ll review the four best mattresses for hip pain in Australia. On top of that, I'll share insights on how to choose an ideal mattress for hip pain.

Quick Overview

Emma Comfort
Best Overall — Editor's Choice

Emma Comfort
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The Koala Mattress
Runner Up

The Koala Mattress
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Best Firm Mattress For Hip Pain

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Newentor Hybrid Mattress
Best for Back Sleepers

Newentor Hybrid Mattress
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Best Mattress For Hip Pain in Australia (May 2024)

Best Overall — Editor's Choice — Emma Comfort

Emma Comfort Mattress


  • Removable and machine-washable polyester and elastane cover that's soft to the touch;
  • Reinforced edge for more support;
  • Impressive weight distribution.

Let me start my review of the top-rated mattresses for hip pain with the Emma Comfort Mattress that features a reinforced edge for more support and stability. The mattress did not sink or compress excessively when I sat or slept on the edge. I liked its pronounced slope that prevented an uneven distribution of my hips and poor spinal alignment.

Better edge support also means better weight distribution across the surface that’s beneficial for hip pain as it reduces the likelihood of excess pressure or stress on the hips.

My edge support tests proved that this mattress is a great option if you're looking for the best mattress for side sleepers in Australia

If you have hip pain, it can be prudent to choose the best mattress for adjustable beds in Australia, such as the Emma Comfort, as it is compatible with most adjustable beds for different bed positions.

The Emma Comfort mattress took 2-3 hours for off-gassing and 2-4 hours to expand fully. It cradled my body well and boasted the right amount of sinkage. I measured it at 2.2 inches. The mattress was less firm by 0.19 inches compared to the Peace Lily on the medium side.

I enjoyed how it cushioned my body, offering my desired support and spinal alignment to earn a firmness rating of 6.5, just like the Koala Mattress. For cooling, the Emma Comfort was 2.6 degrees hotter compared to the Peace Lily.

When it comes to response time, the Emma Comfort mattress was faster compared to the Peace Lily by 0.1 seconds, which is incredibly fast. Regarding bounce, this mattress boasted more bounciness by 1.74 inches when I compared it to the Peace Lily.

I measured its compressions at 4.6 inches when I sat at the edge. Its motion isolation is also impressive and I gave it a rating of 9 which is higher than the Peace Lily at 8 and lower than the Koala mattress at 10.

Testing the motion transfer
Testing the motion transfer

The Emma Comfort offers freedom of movement coupled with non-restricting bounce for sex performance.

Based on Our Review

From my tests, the Emma Comfort is an incredible mattress for hip pain due to its cradling courtesy of its cradling layers. Its 2-inch sinkage is ideal for properly hugging the body and evenly distributing your weight. Proper weight distribution is essential for hip pain as the 'weightless' feeling offered by the mattress delivers wonderful tension and pressure relief.

Emma Comfort Mattress edge support
Emma Comfort Mattress Firmness

Runner Up - The Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress


  • High-density form divided into various zones for targeted pressure relief;
  • A light ''anti-slip'' grip to secure the mattress to the bed frame or base;
  • Tencel in the cover and open-cell memory foam in the comfort layer for cooling.

A unique layer of this mattress that I found to give it an edge over the others is its comfort layer. The layers feature flappable and thick Kloudcell™ foam that offers proper alignment, pressure relief and cushioning which all play a role in relieving hip pain.

It took me several seconds to unzip and flip over the Kloudcell™ foam layer. I felt one side of the mattress to be spongy while the other was slightly firmer.

The Koala Mattress is among the best memory foam mattresses courtesy of its Kloudcell™ and zoned technology. If you're looking for the best mattress for a bad back, you should also consider the Koala because of its neatly done layers.

This mattress did not take ages to expand. I used it after 1-2 hours. Compared to the Emma Comfort, it took less time to off-gas by 2-3 hours.

The Koala enjoys the same firmness as the Emma Comfort on the medium-firm side, each with a rating of 6.5. Sleeping on the former felt more ‘on’ while ‘in’ on the latter. 

For cooling, the Koala was 7 degrees hotter compared to the Emma making the latter better for hot or sensitive sleepers.

Regarding sinkage, the Koala had 0.15 inches and 0.27 inches less sinkage compared to the Emma Comfort on the medium-firm side and firm side respectively.

For response, the Koala was 0.3 seconds slower compared to Emma and 0.2 seconds slower compared to the Peace Lily mattress. Overall, it has a response rating of 9. When I compared it to the Emma Comfort for bounce, I discovered it was 4.1 inches less bouncy.

The Koala performed better compared to Emma Comfort in terms of edge support. It boasted 1.4 inches less sinkage. For motion transfer, the Koala did better too in comparison to the Peace Lily by being 6 inches and 5.5 inches better on its medium firm and firm side respectively.

Testing the edge support
Testing the edge support

Comparably, the Koala boasted 0.5 less rating than the Emma regarding performance for sex.

Based on Our Review

One of the things I loved about the Koala is that it handled my tossing and turning pretty well. I felt that the mattress evenly distributed my weight over a vast area in a way that I could feel relaxed, comfortable, and relieved of pressure. It's a remarkable alternative to Emma Comfort.

Side sleeping on the Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress's Cover

Best Firm Mattress For Hip Pain - Peacelily

Peacelily Mattress


  • Breathable and soft organic cover that features horizontal quilting for moderate softness;
  • Open cell structure for proper bed ventilation and appropriate to use in different regions in Australia;
  • Three layers for the ideal sinkage, sturdiness, and support.

The Peace Lily Mattress is among the top-rated mattresses for hip pain in Australia because of  its versatility. Its design allows you to use both sides depending on the firmness level preference. The softer side cradled my body while the other side's firmness kept my back tension-free.

I established that the layers of this make qualify it to be among the best firm mattresses in Australia.

Just like with many latex mattresses, the Peace Lily Mattress is heavy and challenging to carry. You'll need two people to carry, rotate or flip it. It has two strong handles on both sides that make it easy to move.

Unboxing this mattress was a walk in the park. They deliver it in a waterproofed plastic box with wheels. I was able to use it after roughly two hours. After laying it in my well-ventilated room, I liked that it was free of harmful chemicals and toxins. In terms of off-gassing, the most I observed was a minimal smell of natural dry grass.

When it comes to firmness, this mattress, which is Latex, isn't as conforming as the likes of Koala and Emma Comfort that are memory foam. I tested its firmness and established how buoyant it is. Its firmness kept my spine straight and held my muscle tension superbly. Overall, I rated the firmness level 6.5 which is the same with Koala and Emma Comfort.

In terms of coolness, the mattress had a temperature of 88.9 degrees F, which was 7 degrees hotter compared to the Emma Comfort. For sinkage, I recorded it at 2.05 and 1.93 inches on the medium-firm and firm sides respectively.

For sinkage, this mattress is firmer by 0.19 inches compared to the Emma Comfort. It was slower in terms of response time by 0.1 seconds in comparison to the Emma Comfort. The mattress had 1.74 inches less bounce on the firm side compared to the Emma Comfort mattress.

For edge support, this mattress was firmer along the edge by 0.59 inches compared to the Emma Comfort. For motion transfer, I discovered motion 8 inches away from my glass meaning it does a good job of absorbing minimal movement.

It performed well in terms of springiness and ease of movement. Its responsive nature adapted to my body contours allowing it to fill gaps and offer the necessary support on the hips. Ease of movement was beneficial to my hip pain as it reduced the discomfort and strain of moving and getting in/out of bed.

Based on Our Review

After testing the mattress, I found it to conform properly to my body shape and offer the desired targeted support to the hips and a generally remarkable sleeping experience. It's a great alternative to the Koala and Emma Mattress for those with hip pain.

Peace Lily Mattress Edge Support
Peace Lily mattress on a bed frame

Why You Should Trust Me

You should trust me because I have spent countless years learning, researching, and understanding various mattresses for different sleepers. My exhaustive and comprehensive testing methodology promises to produce the best product from countless options. For the best mattresses for hip pain in Australia, I considered factors such as firmness, support, body type, and pressure relief to arrive at the three which we've reviewed in this article.

Based on my tests, expert experience, and keen analysis, these four are great choices for those grappling with hip pain, with Emma Comfort topping the list.

Types of Mattresses for Hip Pain

Choosing the right mattress for those achy hips is crucial for a comfortable night’s sleep. While you could fuss around with mattress pads, toppers, and bunkie boards to customize your bed's feel, it is prudent to select an appropriate type of mattress for hip pain.

The different types of mattresses that can help with hip pain include:

  • Memory foam
  • Latex 
  • Innerspring 
  • Hybrid  

What to Consider When Choosing Mattresses for Hip Pain

Consider the following factors when in the market for the best mattress for hip pain:


Opting for a softer mattress can bring relief to your hips. However, it's important to remember that the ideal level of firmness can vary based on factors such as your body type and preferred sleeping position.

For example, if you sleep on your back, you might want your hips to sink in effortlessly, while those who sleep on their stomach may find a firmer mattress to be a better fit.


Now, don't get confused, firmness and support are not the same thing. They describe different features of a mattress. Both soft and firm mattresses can offer support.

Firmness relates to the stiffness and pushback of the mattress surface, while support refers to the structural elements that keep your spine in line and your neck in a chill position. These elements usually include steel coils and foam support layers.

Pressure Relief

Finding the right balance of cushioning is crucial for alleviating pressure on your hips' pressure points and muscles. It's important to avoid mattresses that are either too firm or lack a plush cushioning layer, as they won't provide the necessary relief.

On the flip side, a mattress that's all about hugging and conforming to your body might feel dreamy, but without proper support – it’s a spine alignment nightmare.

As such, it is essential to discover the perfect harmony between support and cushioning to achieve optimal pressure relief and maintain a neutral and comforting spine.

Body Type

Your weight determines the right mattress for hip pain. If you're lighter, choose one with a thinner comfort layer for pressure relief. If you're heavier, opt for one with a thick comfort layer to avoid intense pressure on your hips.


Is a firmer mattress better for hip pain?

A firmer mattress isn't better for hip pain. You need to strike a balance between too soft and firm. Too firm or soft mattresses will cause more hip pain.

What kind of mattress do I need for hip pain?

The kind of mattress that you need for hip pain is the one that offers the right support, alignment, and contouring. Plush mattresses such as pillow tops, hybrids, memory foam, and Euro tops provide the necessary contouring comfort to cradle your body in a healthy alignment for hip pain relief.

What is the ideal mattress thickness for hip pain?

The ideal mattress thickness for hip pain is 12-14 inches to provide an appropriate cushion to the hips.


If you have hip pain, you need a mattress that offers the maximum support possible while at the same time meeting your firmness/softness preferences. Your mattress should provide an excellent balance of support and pressure relief, two important factors to alleviate hip pain.

After extensive testing, the Emma Comfort Mattress is my best mattress for hip pain in Australia thanks to its proper support, incredible contouring, open-cell structure for coolness, pressure-relieving foam, easy-to-remove cover for effortless cleaning, and durable foam base. If you're in the market for a popular mattress for hip pain, you should consider Emma Comfort.

I felt comfortable and relieved from my hip pain each time I slept on it. The Emma Comfort cushioned my hips while offering support to my lumbar region, drastically reducing my hip pain while sleeping.

There you have it on our comprehensive review of the three best mattresses for hip pain in Australia. Do you have a favorite among these? Would you like help choosing the best one for your specific situation? Please let us know in the comments section.


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  1. Which mattress type is the best for a mattress for hip pain?

    1. If you’re dealing with hip pain, mattresses like memory foam or hybrids are usually the MVPs. They offer a combo of support and comfort that’s kind to those hips.

  2. Could you provide some recommendations for preserving the quality and effectiveness of a mattress in providing relief for hip pain over the long term?

    1. Here are some tips to help maintain the quality and effectiveness of your mattress for hip pain relief over time:

      • Rotate the Mattress: Regularly rotate your mattress to ensure even wear and tear. This can help prevent sagging in one specific area, which can lead to discomfort for hip pain sufferers.
      • Use a Mattress Topper: Consider adding a mattress topper designed for pressure relief. This can provide an extra layer of support and comfort for your hips.
      • Proper Support: Make sure your mattress is placed on a supportive and sturdy bed frame or foundation. This ensures that the mattress can do its job effectively.
      • Clean Regularly: Keep your mattress clean by using a mattress protector and cleaning it as needed. A clean mattress is less likely to harbor allergens or irritants that could exacerbate hip pain.
      • Check for Warranty: If your mattress has a warranty, be aware of its terms and conditions. If you notice any significant issues with your mattress, you may be eligible for a replacement or repair.

      I hope these tips help you maintain the quality and effectiveness of your mattress for hip pain relief.

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