IKEA Mattress Sizes in Australia

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Australia is home to some of the best mattress retailers. One such retailer is IKEA. Over the years, IKEA has provided a significant amount of sleep comfort; by offering the best mattress options to its customers. IKEA mattresses come in different sizes, although they are not available in all locations worldwide. For example, Queen size mattress is unavailable in countries like Europe and the United Kingdom. However, in Australia, IKEA Mattresses come in a variety of sizes. Let's look into the different IKEA Mattress sizes in Australia available for purchase.

Key Takeaways:

  • The IKEA Queen size mattress is available in Australia.
  • The dimensions of a standard single mattress are 90cm x 190cm.
  • The dimensions of IKEA standard double size are 200cm by 135cm.

Are IKEA Mattresses a Different Size?

Compared to the conventional mattress sizes, IKEA Mattresses are slightly different in size. The difference between IKEA mattress sizes and dimensions and the standard bed dimensions are minor; this way, other bed frames can accommodate the IKEA mattress considerably. This allows some of Australia's best queen mattresses and king-sized mattresses to fit on both standard and IKEA-sized foundations.

To dispel any confusion, the standard sizes for mattresses compared with the IKEA sizes is as follows:

Mattress TypeStandard Dimensions (inches)IKEA Dimensions (inches)
Twin38 x 7538.25 by 74.75
Full54 x 7553.125 by 74.75
Queen60 x 8060.25 by 79.5
King 76 x 8076 by 79.5
Standard single35.4 by 74.836 by 75
Standard Double54 by 7554 by 75
California King72 by 8460 by 78

Ikea Mattress Sizes for Australians

The various IKEA Australia mattress sizes are cot, junior, single and double mattresses. Additionally, the different IKEA bedding sizes are all available for these mattresses. This section will discuss these various IKEA mattresses available in the Great Southern Land.

Cot Mattresses

IKEA cot mattresses are ideal for kids because they provide good ventilation. To ensure the utmost peace of mind for newborns, these cot mattresses are up to the highest possible safety requirements. These breathable, detachable, and machine-washable cot mattress covers have child-proof zippers and are ideal for keeping a child comfortable and safe while they sleep.

A cot mattress
A cot mattress

To provide a restful night of sleep in this cot mattress, various IKEA bedding sizes are available in multiple fun patterns, colors, and characters that are not only safe but also amusing.

In my opinion, I think this mattress is ideal for newborn babies

These cot Mattresses come in three dimensions: 

  • 60cm by 120cm by 8 cm
  • 60cm by 120cm by 10 cm
  • 70cm by 140cm by 11 cm

Junior Mattresses

The junior mattress is slightly bigger than the cot mattress. Specifically made to fit into junior beds, the junior mattress enables youngsters to have a good night's rest on a big bed. The junior mattress measures 70cm in width by 160cm in length and has an overall thickness of 10cm.

Single Mattresses

Although bigger than the junior mattress, the single mattress is suitable for a single person. These mattresses are designed with different ranges of materials, which gives a diverse range of firmness. This way, it's easy to browse the different varieties to select the suitable kind.

In my opinion, this mattress works best for students and folks who sleep alone.

Double Mattresses

The double mattress will provide the desired night's rest for teens and adults. It comes in different forms, like the pocket spring, standard double foam, and memory foam. Foam mattresses, both comfortable and supportive, disperse the body's weight to ensure a more pleasant night's sleep and enhanced blood flow. Evident from its design and name, the double mattress is more spacious than the single mattress, making it a perfect match for couples. In addition, there are various IKEA bedding sizes for the double mattress available to provide the desired feel of protection while sleeping.

Queen Mattresses

The IKEA Queen mattresses are exceptionally supportive and comfortable in equal measure. While shopping for the queen mattress, it's essential to consider the different range of options available and the feel and firmness desired. Additionally, the Queen size mattress comes in four different makes: foam, spring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses.

Queen-size mattress on a bed frame
Queen-size mattress on a bed frame

King Mattresses

The king-sized mattress has the biggest square footage of all the IKEA Mattress sizes in Australia. Available in different types, the king-size mattress provides plenty of space for an enjoyable night's rest. This mattress provides enough space for users to be able to change positions throughout the night without having to worry about waking themselves up or disturbing their bedmates.

This mattress, in my opinion, is an outstanding option for married couples  who are looking for an additional sleeping area for their children.


What size is a standard double bed for IKEA?

The IKEA mattress for a standard double bed measures 200 centimeters in length and 135 centimeters in width. It's not king-sized, but it's adequate for two adults to sleep side by side [1].

What size is queen in IKEA?

IKEA's queen-sized mattresses have dimensions of 60.25 inches wide by 79.5 inches long. This means that compared to a regular queen-size mattress, an IKEA queen bed is.25 inches wider and.5 inches shorter.

How big is a double bed in Australia?

In Australia, a double bed measures 54.5 inches wide by 74.8 inches long [2].


Quality sleep is essential because it plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy status and helps you be more productive during the day. If you are searching for the right mattress to purchase, IKEA mattresses are ideal and come in different sizes. Now that you know the IKEA mattress sizes in Australia, It's easier to determine what size you should go for.

Also, if you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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