Lazycat Spring Mattress Review

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Lazycat Spring Mattress Review

Spring mattresses often have issues with saggy coils and sides that just don’t feel durable enough.

Luckily, mattresses made of high-quality materials can get around this. In our review of the Lazycat spring mattress, we will look closely at this mattress model and its comfort and durability.

The Lazycat company is dedicated to creating quality mattresses, offering a fresh take on the traditional hybrid that even your cat will enjoy. I was intrigued by this mattress and wanted to review it right away. I put the Lazycat through several up-close tests in my review to help determine if it's the right spring mattress for your home.

Let’s dive in.

Lazycat Spring Mattress Review: Our Rating

9Edge Support
8.5Motion Transfer
9Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling /3)
8.7Overall Score

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Lazycat Spring Mattress Review: Construction and Design

To begin my review of the Lazycat spring mattress, I’ll examine its construction and design, looking at each layer and how it feels. Its soft euro-top is made of a breathable linen cover, nicely tufted. I could press it and feel a moderate response, and I enjoyed the cozy feel. Linen is known for its breathability and ability to wick away moisture, which is better than standard cotton in keeping you cool and dry at night.

Lazycat Spring Mattress cover
Lazycat Spring Mattress cover

Under the linen cover is a layer of Gel-infused Air memory foam, which is made to draw out heat. I immediately noticed its squishy, contouring qualities, enjoying how this layer felt, especially for my lumbar.

The next two layers are a mix of comfort foam and latex, constructed to be supportive and ergonomic. These layers felt bouncy, balancing out the soft upper foam layer nicely. The latex layer especially felt nice, redistributing pressure quickly and keeping my spine straight.

The latex is strategically placed between the upper comfort and firmer layers below. This allows it to even out the pressure of the coils and create a soft, supportive, and cushioning transition.

Under this is thick, high-density foam, made as a transition as the body sinks through the comfort layers to coils below. I enjoyed the supportive properties of this layer, as it helped me from feeling ‘stuck’ while providing a barrier so I couldn’t feel the coils directly.

The coil base is split into 7 zones, each of which is made to support weight to a different level for an ergonomic feel. I noticed the coils under the shoulders felt softer with more give, while the coils around the hips were firmer to ensure lift. I also noticed the edge coils are extra firm, helping the edges remain stable under weight.

The Lazycat uses high-gauge springs along the perimeter, allowing it to support more weight whether you're sitting or lying at the edge. This eliminates the need for less supportive high-density foam while still keeping you stable and safe from accidentally falling.

The bottom cover of the Lazycat is slightly grippy, helping it adhere to the base of your bed frame more easily. This helps reduce any headache from adjusting the mattress to stay in one place.

Overall look of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Lazycat

Unboxing the Lazycat spring mattress for my review was painless and quick. Once I removed it from its box and unrolled it on my bed frame, it only took 1-2 minutes to cut away the plastic wrapping so the mattress could start to decompress. I noticed the Lazycat recovered its initial shape fairly quickly, and I felt comfortable lying on it after just 1-2 hours. It should be noted that the manufacturer recommends at least 24 hours to let the mattress decompress.

After I stripped away the plastic, I put my nose to the Lazycat to check its off-gassing. This is key, as there was no overpowering ‘new mattress’ smell when I cut away the plastic. True to my suspicions, this mattress has a minimal off-gassing odour, which I barely noticed. Any remaining off-gassing smell dispersed after just 1 hour, earning it a rating of 9.5. This almost record-breaking ease of set-up with almost no off-gassing makes the Lazycat one of the best mattresses in a box in Australia.

Lazycat Firmness: How it Feels

How the coils interact with the upper comfort layers greatly influences how firm a mattress feels. If the coils are too soft, you’ll sink too deeply. If the foam is too soft, you’ll feel the coils pressing against your weight too easily, which can be discomforting. Luckily, the Lazycat balances this just right with its gel air foam, latex layers, and coils.

I found that the gel air memory foam helped contour the body while the latex provided a slight bounce and firmness, so I never felt the coils. The coils also react in a balanced manner to weight, keeping me ‘on’ the mattress instead of ‘in’ it. My back and spine were well-supported and free of tension during my tests. The comfort and support I felt made me consider this model one of Australia's best firm mattresses.

Keeping the feel in mind, I gave the mattress a firmness rating of 7 on a scale of 1-10. 7 is considered a medium-firm that feels slightly firmer and can help ensure the spine is in healthy alignment.

The Lazycat is 0.5 points firmer than the Emma Comfort, mainly due to their difference in the upper layers. The Emma Comfort’s Airgocell foam is slightly softer with a more contouring feel that molds closer to the body. On the other hand, the Lazycat’s gel-infused air memory foam is closely balanced by its responsive latex foam layer below. That means the Lazycat is better suited to sleepers who want a firmer feel to their sleeping surface.

Lazycat Spring Mattress firmness

Cooling of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Coolness is critical for a proper night’s sleep. Mattresses that tend to trap heat, like all-foam models, can cause night sweats and disturbances in the night. Luckily, the springs in the Lazycat get around this by creating airflow.

The Lazycat performed remarkably well in this category, scoring 9 for Cooling. The linen euro top did excellent in wicking away moisture and keeping me dry. I noticed the coolness of the gel-infusion top layer, which worked with the coils to keep my body temperature down. From my tests, I recorded a temperature of 30.4 degrees Celsius, and I was pleasantly cool throughout the night, making this one of the best mattresses for hot sleepers

Innerspring hybrid and all-latex mattresses work similarly regarding heat, as both can draw heat away well. The Lazycat was only 0.2 degrees hotter than the Peacelily, an all-latex model, which means both offer similar cooling experiences for hot sleepers.

Lazycat Spring Mattress Review: Sinkage

Sinkage determines whether a mattress is cushioning and soft, or firm and supportive. Too high of a sinkage, and you may end up with a misaligned spine and discomfort. The Lazycat offers a balanced sinkage on the firmer side, aiming to keep your spine straight. 

When testing this model, I measured a sinkage of 1.7 inches, which is just under the recommended minimum of 2 inches. I found the slightly less sinkage created a firmer feel, and I was more ‘on’ the mattress instead of feeling stuck ‘in’ the mattress. There was just enough weight redistribution to keep my shoulders and hips free from tension build-up while on my side, earning the Lazycat a rating of 8.5.

The Lazycat had about 0.5 inches less sinkage than the Emma Comfort, making the Lazycat better suited to fans of spinal support, restriction-free sinkage, and less foam surrounding them while sleeping.

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Response of the Lazycat

Response affects how easily you can move in and out of bed and how contouring and molding the memory foam feels towards your body. A poor response can cause a bed to feel too restrictive or not cradling enough. Fortunately, the Lazycat offers a balanced response that’s both cradling and freeing.

From my tests, its partial bounce-back speed is 0.2 seconds, and its full recovery speed is 0.8 seconds from compressions. I could enjoy shifting positions quickly and still felt a slight delay as I sank into the memory foam for pleasant contouring. Considering these points, I rated the Lazycat a 9, as I was cushioned without restriction.

The Lazycat responds similarly to the all-foam Koala on its medium-firm side, meaning both are suitable for sleepers who want a traditional feel to their bed. The Lazycat was slower in a full recovery by 0.1 seconds. This response is similar to how some of the best memory foam mattresses behave to compressions.

Bounce of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Bounce ties in with response and assists in quickly getting in and out of bed or switching positions. Active couples can use the features of a bouncy mattress the most, as it helps with fast movement. You’ll be pleased to know that the coils of the Lazycat spring mattress performed admirably in this category.

According to my tests, the total bounce value of the Lazycat was 9.6 inches, which is right on par for an innerspring mattress and higher than many of the all-foam mattresses I have tested. I noticed the springs responded quickly and favorably to weight, keeping me buoyant and free while lying on the bed.

The Lazycat and the Peacelily have similar bounce levels, as the coils can respond similarly to the highly buoyant nature of latex. The Lazycat had less bounce by only 0.16 inches, meaning both are suitable for sleepers who want an effortless, buoyant feeling while in bed.

Bounce of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Edge Support of the Lazycat

How supportive the edges are plays a huge role in the quality of a mattress, especially when looking at larger mattress sizes. Soft edges mean there’s more of a risk of slipping out of bed and an inability to enjoy the entire width of the mattresses.

With the Lazycat, you get robust edge support, mainly due to its use of reinforced coils along the perimeter. The Lazycat’s high-gauge springs increase the integrity of the mattress’s edge that high-density foam alternatives can’t compare with. That means, no matter the size, even the popular queen-size, you will feel that support whenever you get out of bed in the morning. That makes the Lazycat an excellent option for some of the best queen mattresses in Australia.

From my review, the Lazycat spring mattress compressed at around 3.5 inches along the edge. This is well within the recommended max of 4 inches, and I felt stable and secure and didn’t feel like I was about to fall off.

Edge support of the Lazycat Spring Mattress
Edge support of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

The Lazycat had 1.1 inches firmer edge support than the Emma Comfort, which means the Lazycat can better support sleepers who want to use the full width of their bed, no matter the mattress size.

Lazycat Spring Mattress Review: Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is how well a mattress absorbs motion and can help people who share a bed with a partner or pet. All-foam mattresses are typically regarded as the best for high motion isolation levels. But, some innerspring hybrids, like the Lazycat, also perform adequately in this category.

In light of my tests, the Lazycat absorbed motion up to 4 inches away from my glass of water. This is an adequate level where my partner couldn’t feel minor jostling, tossing, and turning from my side while sleeping. However, they could feel it when I got in and out of bed. Considering these points, I rated the Lazycat at an 8.5 for motion transfer.

The Lazycat performed better than the Peacelily in this regard, absorbing 4 inches more motion. That makes the Lazycat a suitable option for sleepers who want a fair mix of bounce and motion isolation for fewer disturbances at night.

Lazycat Spring Mattress motion transfer

Lazycat Spring Mattress: Performance for Sex

How a mattress performs for sex heavily depends on its sinkage, edge support, and coolness. These are the categories I heavily look at to determine how well it would suit active couples.

Looking at the Lazycat, it had a slightly lower score in sinkage, but its edge support was excellent. The Lazycat’s coils also help circulate air, meaning it's a cool mattress that is helpful for active couples.

Keeping these factors in mind, along with the Lazycat’s excellent bounce, I rated the Lazycat as a 9 in this category.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

A mattress feels different based on your preferences, sleeping position, and weight. For example, a heavier sleeper may sink through the layers too much and not get enough support for their hips. A light sleeper on the same mattress will feel comfortable and supported, as they won't sink through as much.

I’ve tried this model in each sleeping position to help you understand exactly which type of sleeper the Lazycat would feel most comfortable for. As a reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side Sleepers 

Lying on my side, I found the gel-infused air memory foam layer cushioning enough to allow for some weight redistribution. There was no tension build-up on my shoulders and hips, and I was comfortable with a straight spine.

Side sleeping on the Lazycat Spring Mattress
Side sleeping on the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Average-weight and heavier sleepers over 230 pounds should feel enough support to feel comfortable on their side. However, light sleepers under 130 pounds may not sink enough in the comfort layers to get enough of their weight redistributed. 

Light side sleepers may prefer more options regarding the best mattresses for side sleepers in Australia to ensure enough sinkage for pressure relief.

Back Sleepers

When lying on my back, I found the multi-zone coils exceptionally helpful in keeping my spine even and my back straight. The soft comfort layers filled the lumbar of my back, and I felt cradled and comfortable.

Sleepers of all weight categories will feel comfortable and well-supported while sleeping on their back with the Lazycat.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping was a comfortable experience for me. The soft gel-infused air foam gave just enough sinkage, while the zoned coils gave extra support so my hips wouldn’t sink. I was comfortable on the Lazycat’s slightly firmer surface, and my spine was pleasantly neutral.

Lightweight and average-weight sleepers will most likely feel comfortable while stomach-sleeping. However, heavier sleepers over 230 pounds may not have as much support as they would like.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersThe upper foam layers helped cushion and cradle me, and I was comfortable enough on my side. My hips were well-aligned with my neck and spine.
Back SleepersThe ergonomic coils supported me everywhere I needed them, and I was comfortable and tension-free. My back and spine remained neutral and tension-free.
Stomach SleepersThe coils and responsive foam layers kept my hips level and my spine neutral. I felt comfortable and buoyant while sleeping on my stomach.

Other Important Information

Other important information that should be considered regarding the Lazycat is its competitive price, 15-year warranty, 100-night sleep trial, and certifications.

The Lazycat comes at a fairly competitive price, $128 cheaper than the Newentor Hybrid, a similar memory foam and innerspring mattress. The major difference between these two is the Newentor’s carbon fibre cover and a few layers. Besides that, both offer a similar sleeping experience that sleepers on a budget can still enjoy if they opt for the Lazycat.

Along with an excellent price, the Lazycat also offers an extensive 15-year warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturer defects, like cracks in the foam. The Lazycat’s warranty is 5 years longer than the Ergoflex 5G and Koala mattresses but shorter than the Peacelily’s warranty by 10 years. It sits well within the middle of warranty lengths seen from other brands.

The Lazycat offers a 100-night trial for any sleeper who is unsure of whether this model would suit them or not. A 100-night sleep trial is around average, which gives you just over 3 months to see if the mattress suits you after breaking it in.

This model’s trial is longer than the Ergoflex 5G’s sleep trial by 70 days and shorter than the Koala’s sleep trial by 20 days. That means the Lazycat falls right in the middle and gives enough time to test properly.

The Lazycat is CertiPUR-US® certified and has an OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. That means, for both certificates, the Lazycat has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is free of harmful chemicals, ensuring it is safe for family and household use. Similarly, the Emma Comfort, Koala, and Ergoflex 5G also have a CertiPUR-US® certification. The  Ergoflex 5G also shares the same OEKO-TEX® certification as the Lazycat.

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The Lazycat mattress is ideal for cat-like slumber. Its ergonomic coils kept the spine aligned no matter my position, keeping my muscles pleasantly tension-free. I also found from my review of the Lazycat spring mattress that its ‘on’ the bed feel and bouncy nature ensured I could move around easily. 

However, sleepers who love a memory foam feel will not be disappointed with the Lazycat. Even though it offers ease of movement, I found the top comfort layers contouring for good pressure relief on my back and hips.

What are your thoughts on the Lazycat spring mattress? Let us know in the comments below!

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