How Much Does a Mattress Weigh

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There are a lot of different factors for mattresses, such as their length, their width, their height, or the mattress weight. In this article, we are going to exclusively talk about how much a mattress is going to weigh. There are a lot of factors determining how much it might weigh. For example, a king-size mattress is going to be a lot heavier than a twin mattress. If you want to know how much different mattresses weigh, we talk about all of them in this article.

Why Mattresses Weight Are Important

There are several reasons why you should pay close attention to a mattress weight:

Setting-Up The Mattress

People care for a mattress's weight for a lot of reasons. Some people might live alone, and they might want to know if they can lift the mattress all by themselves or not. Mattresses weight will heavily affect setting it up on a bed frame. 


Another matter is that some people might like to rearrange the decoration of their house or their room, and if a mattress is heavy, it is going to be very difficult to move it around alone.

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Flipping a Mattress

Flipping a mattress is also a good idea because a mattress might be heavier than someone could flip it all by themselves. 

Supported By The Bed Frame

And at last, someone might already have a bed frame, and if they want to buy a new mattress, they might want to know if the bed frame will support the weight of the mattress. Although you can make the bed frame stable by a different technique, a standard bed frame is something else, and if the weight of the mattress is suitable for the bed frame, it will improve the experience of sleeping, and it will reduce back pain. Especially with mattresses for bad backs, like these, the bed frame must support the weight of the mattress.

Two different factors will affect how much a mattress weighs. One is the size of the mattress, and the other one is the materials used for making the mattress. Here are different mattress sizes.

A mattress on a bed frame
A mattress on a bed frame

Size of The Mattress

The most influential thing in the heaviness of a mattress is its size. Mattresses come in different sizes around the world, and some of these sizes cannot be lifted by only one person.

Twin Mattress

Twin-size mattress on a bed frame
Twin-size mattress on a bed frame

The smallest size available for someone is a twin size mattress. Twin size is also the light mattress that there is, and each twin mattress will weigh between 18 to 20 kilograms (40 to 45 pounds.) These mattresses are great for children and bunk beds because they are both small and light-weighted. One person can lift these mattresses and do anything with them.

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Twin X-large Mattress

A twin XL mattress has a similar size to the twin mattresses, and their only difference is that they are five inches longer. Their weight is also slightly different, and they weigh between 20 to 22 kilograms (45 to 50 pounds.) One lonely person can also move mattresses with this size all by themselves, and these mattresses are best suited for children who have just started their school years.

Full-Size Mattress

Full-size mattresses are usually the type of mattresses that can be found in college dorms. They are both light and small enough to be moved around by a solo but also sized enough to fit a teenager or an adult. They are longer and wider and have more length than twin and twin XL mattresses. Full-size mattresses weigh about 25 to 27 kilograms (55 to 60 pounds.)

Queen Size Mattress

Queen size mattresses are the most common size there is for a mattress [1]. They are also very popular. If you are going to get a mattress of this size, it is going to be a little bit concerning as a queen size mattress weight is double as a full-size mattress because they also have as double the size. These mattresses are great for couples or even single sleepers. A queen size mattress weighs around 55 to 72 kilograms (120 to 160 pounds) depending on the material used for it. At this point, it will be a lot more difficult for one person to handle the movement of these mattresses as they are both large and heavy.

King Size Mattress

King size mattresses are the largest mattresses in terms of width. They are great for couples and people who are large in terms of size. They give a lot of room to sleepers. Their weight is also the heaviest among the mattresses, and they weigh around 60 to 80 kilograms (130 to 180 pounds.) It is going to be very difficult for one person to move these mattresses around. 

California King Size Mattresses

A California king size mattress is the largest in terms of length. They are great for couples, or people who want extra space for their feet while sleeping, or taller people. Their width is less than a king size mattress, but they have more length. They also weigh similar to king size mattresses.

Materials Used for Mattresses

As we said, different materials will affect the mattress weight.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is the heaviest material that can be used for mattresses. They are usually thick, and they have multiple layers. Best memory foam mattresses in Australia also allow for airflow in their memory foams, and it makes them even heavier.

A memory foam mattress on a bed frame
A memory foam mattress on a bed frame


Similar to memory foam, latex mattresses are also heavy but not as heavy as memory foam mattresses. For example, a queen-size and top-rated latex mattress in Australia might weigh about 70 kilograms (about 155 pounds.) Australian mattresses include cooling, so it will also add to their weight.


A hybrid mattress [2] will also weigh the same as latex, or sometimes heavier because it might also have foam inside of them. 


An innerspring mattress weighs the least, and it is fairly easy to move around. Innerspring mattresses are very bouncy and also allow for airflow. With their structure, they are considered the lightest materials used for a mattress.


Are heavier mattresses better?

There are a lot of factors to say if a mattress is good or bad. Their weight does not determine if a mattress is good or not, and for that, there are a lot more things to consider. 

Is taking care of a heavy mattress harder?

Yes. Sometimes for taking care of a mattress, you need to check the underneath of the mattress or to move it around a bit, and if the mattress is heavy, that can be quite difficult to do so.


In this article, we talked about what will decide on mattress weight. There are two important factors determining how much a mattress weighs, and they are the size of it, and the materials used for making it. Make sure you also pay attention to a mattress's weight if you are alone because you can't always handle them alone.

Thank you so much for reading this article. If you have any more questions about mattresses, make sure to comment them down, and tell us what you think about this article.


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