Origin Contour Mattress Topper Review

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Origin Contour Mattress Topper Review

If you have a saggy, uncomfortable mattress, a topper may be the perfect solution for you. However, you have to keep some important things in mind, like if your new topper will keep your bed cooler and, in fact, increase your comfort. Choosing the wrong topper can make your uncomfortable nights even more agonizing, which we want to avoid at all costs.

This is why I’m sharing what I’ve discovered about the Origin Contour Mattress Topper. It uses cutting-edge German technology and has become rather popular in Australia. I will share how it felt for me as an expert tester, and I will share some extra information that you’ll need if you’re wondering if this topper is the right one for you.

Let’s start.

Origin Contour Mattress Topper Review: Our Rating

10Edge Support
9Motion Transfer
10Topper Movement
9.5Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling / 3)
9Overall Score

Learn more about how we test and obtain numbers for our criteria here.

Origin Contour Mattress Topper Review: Construction and Design

To start my review of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper, I will share its construction and design. The German technology inherent in this topper shines forth when put under scrutiny, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed like I am.

To start with, the cover of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper is made of Tencel and hand-stitched in Turkey. I like how the hand-stitched nature makes the cover feel softer. Tencel also works to absorb heat, so I found the cover cool to the touch. It’s removable, so I could take it off in a few seconds and wash the topper so my bed stayed fresher.

The memory foam that is held within the removable cover is about 2 inches in height. The upper layer of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper’s memory foam contains gel beads. I found these gel beads worked well in tandem with the Tencel cover, and I felt pleasantly free of heat.

The lower portion of the memory foam is comfortable and dense, adapting moderately slowly to weight with a firm-like feel. I could sink into this part of the topper and feel my weight evenly redistributed.

The highly dense memory foam supports the spine and relieves pressure by supporting your entire weight. stated the staff writers at PerthNow.

The high-density memory foam supports spinal alignment and relieves pressure points by supporting your body weight.

The topper comes with straps that anchor the four corners to your mattress. I appreciated this design as I found the topper didn’t move around throughout the night.

Overall Look of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

When the compact box arrived, it was easy for me to single-handedly carry it into my home and place it in my bedroom. From there, it was just a matter of opening the box, removing the topper, cutting away the vacuum-sealed plastic, and rolling the topper onto the bed. It expanded to its full height nearly instantly.

When I put my nose to the Origin Contour Mattress Topper, I only noticed a minimal off-gassing smell, which I rated 2 out of 10. It only took an hour for my topper to lose even this mild ‘new mattress’ smell, earning a rating of 10.

This topper outperformed the Emma Diamond topper by 5 hours. I would suggest the Origin Contour as the topper to go with if you’re sensitive to smells.

Origin Contour Mattress Topper Firmness

When discussing the Origin Contour’s firmness, it’s important to remember that dense memory foam is at play. That means more support, stability, and weight redistribution while sleeping at night. From my test, I felt the Origin Contour had a firmness of 7, with 10 being the hardest. I was well supported, and I still experienced sinkage that increased my comfort.

Firmness plays a role in spinal support, making it a feature of some of the best toppers for back pain as well.

Firmness of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Cooling of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Keeping you cool is an essential part of the best cooling toppers. This feature means the difference between sweaty nights and cool comfort. From my tests, I noted a temperature of 29.5 degrees Celsius. I could sleep on my side or back and didn’t experience any heat build-up at night. Due to this, I gave the Origin Contour a rating of 9 in this category.

Origin Contour Mattress Topper's Cover
Origin Contour Mattress Topper's Cover

The Origin Contour is a good middle ground when it comes to coolness. It is 1.4 degrees warmer than the Peace Lily Topper, yet 1.2 degrees cooler than the Emma Diamond Topper. I suggest going with the Peace Lily Topper if you’re an extremely hot sleeper. However, if moderate coolness works for you, the Origin Contour is the next best choice.

Origin Contour Mattress Topper: Sinkage

Sinkage is a handy feature for a topper for every aspect of comfort a sleeper can think of. It redistributes weight without letting the spine fall out of alignment and encourages relaxation so you have a more comfortable rest. The Origin Contour has a balanced sinkage that allows for soft contouring and support.

In light of my tests, I noted a sinkage of 1.9 inches. I could sink in nicely while feeling pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. 

The Origin Contour Mattress Topper was firmer than the Emma Flip’s soft side by 0.3 inches. I would choose the Origin Contour as a suitable option for sleepers worried about support and lift when choosing a new topper.

Origin Contour Mattress Topper: Response

The best toppers are typically quick and efficient regarding response, and the Origin Contour Mattress Topper is no exception. Response is a feature that makes it easier to move across the top of your bed, which is indispensable for comfort.

Through my tests, I noted a response of 0.5 seconds for the memory foam to fully come back from being pressed into. I noticed the slightest delay but could still move around freely.

The Origin Contour had a slower response than the Emma Diamond by 0.2 seconds. I would go for the Origin Contour if you want more contour and a slower sinking-into feel. Likewise, I would suggest the Emma Diamond if you want an easier time getting out of bed.

Bounce of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Bounce is a part of response and ties in with how easy it is to move around in bed. I found the Origin Contour to have a fairly average response that was slightly higher than other toppers I have tested in the past. 

In my tests, I saw a bounce of 7.9 inches. This is high enough that I felt a bit of pushback from my topper that kept my movement free.

This topper had a higher bounce than the Emma Diamond Topper by 1.7 inches. I would suggest the Origin Contour to sleepers who need as much spring back and push from their mattress topper as possible.

Bounce of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Edge Support of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Edge support is a crucial feature of a superb mattress topper, and the Origin Contour performs excellently. From my tests, I measured that this topper firmed up my mattress by 0.5 inches. I felt more stable along the edges and less prone to the feeling of slipping off accidentally. The Origin Contour earned a 10 in this regard.

Edge support of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper
Edge support of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

This is a better score than the Peace Lily, which firmed up my mattress less by 0.4 inches. I would suggest the Origin Contour Mattress Topper to anyone who wants more stable and raised edges for their mattress.

Origin Contour Mattress Topper: Motion Transfer

If you share your bed with a partner who tosses and turns, motion transfer is a feature you’re going to depend on heavily. The Origin Contour Mattress Topper performs exceptionally well in this regard, earning a 9.

When doing my tests, I set a glass of water on the bed and slowly came forward with compressions. The topper absorbed all the movement up until I reached the 2-inch mark. I could lie on one side of the topper and not feel my partner's movements while changing positions.

The Origin Contour outperformed the Peace Lily Topper by 1 inch, making the Origin Contour slightly more effective at isolating movement. I would recommend the Origin Contour Mattress Topper to sleepers who share a bed and want as little disruption at night as possible.

Motion transfer of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Topper Movements for the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Topper movements are an often overlooked but crucial feature of a topper. You have to ensure it won’t move throughout the night, and avoid the nightmare of readjusting the topper every morning. The Origin Contour does well in this regard, earning a 10.

For my review of the Origin Contour Mattress Topper, I tested the straps. From what I could tell, they are made of solid material, stretchy without being flimsy, and stitched strongly. The company behind the Origin Contour was smart enough to include some measure of keeping the topper affixed to the mattress, which was a huge plus in my books.

The Origin Contour had more in place to keep the topper secure than the Peace Lily Topper, which lacked straps. In comparison, the Origin Contour performed better by 1 point. I would go for the Origin Contour if you toss and turn a lot and want a topper that will stay put.

Origin Contour Mattress Topper: Performance for Sex

Performance for sex is a combination of how well a topper’s sinkage, cooling, topper movements, and edge support are. The Origin Contour performed very well in all four of these categories, edge support and topper movement especially. 

Considering the data from all four categories, I rated the Origin Contour at a 9.5 in performance for sex. It is a useful topper that I found to be responsive and cool, which is helpful for couples.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Toppers are always going to feel different depending on a sleeper’s preferences, weight, and sleeping position. This is why I’ve broken down below how the Origin Contour Mattress Topper feels in the side, back, and stomach sleeping positions. This will help you get a first-hand perspective on if this topper would serve you well.

For reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side sleepers 

The Origin Contour is a bit thin for side sleeping, and a bit firm. Two inches of thickness is the minimum I recommend for a topper, especially for side sleepers, as they need extra cushioning for their shoulders and hips. When I tested this topper on my side, I found it firm and supportive, but I could have used slightly more cushioning and materials to feel even more at ease.

Lightweight sleepers under 130 pounds may not sink deep enough into the topper to feel the full effects of the cushioning. However, average and heavyweight sleepers should feel fine.

For more options, you can consider looking at more toppers for side sleepers.

Side sleeping on the Origin Contour Mattress Topper
Side sleeping on the Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Back sleepers

The Origin Contour does a superb job of supporting the hips, lumbar, and spine while sleeping on the back. It is a bit firmer, using German technology, so it is geared more towards spinal support. I found I was super comfortable while resting on my back, and actually fell asleep like this. 

Sleepers in all weight categories will enjoy the Origin Contour Mattress Topper on their back.

Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleeping needs more support than other sleeping positions due to the curve of the spine and how it sits when lying face down. The Origin Contour supports the spine and hips well, so it’s a viable option for stomach sleepers. I was comfortable and supported while on my stomach.

Lightweight and average-weight sleepers under 230 pounds will feel right at home with this topper on their stomachs. However, heavier stomach sleepers over 230 pounds may find they sink too deeply to feel comfortable.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI was comfortable enough, but I could have used more cushioning for my shoulders and hips.
Back SleepersI was so comfortable I fell asleep while on my back with this topper. Every part of my body was well-supported.
Stomach SleepersI found I had enough support to feel comfortable on my stomach. There was enough lift in my hips and an even plane for my spine.

Other Important Information 

There are a few other useful features you should know about the Origin Contour Mattress Topper in this review before considering going with it. I’ve listed a few of these features below:

  • The 7-night trial.
  • Free delivery.
  • 3-year warranty.

7-Night Trial

The Origin Contour Mattress Topper comes with a 7-night trial. This allows you time to try out the topper once you receive it. If you, for whatever reason, aren’t satisfied, you can return the topper within this time period at a moment’s notice. The company behind the Origin Contour will also provide a full refund, so there’s no risk to you for trying it out.

The only slight disadvantage is that this trial is a bit short compared to other trials. This doesn’t give you a whole lot of time to test out the topper for yourself. It’s also easier to forget the short timeframe and miss being able to return it.

The Origin Contour Mattress Topper’s sleep trial is considerably longer than what other toppers have, notably the Emma Flip Topper and Peace Lily Topper. Both of these toppers are longer by 93 nights. I would suggest going with another topper if a long sleep trial is what you prefer.

Free Delivery

Free delivery is an excellent bonus that comes with this topper. If you live in any metropolitan area, you may qualify for free shipping. This means no extra fees; you’re only paying for the topper. 

Similar to the Emma Flip and Peace Lily toppers, all three offer free delivery. You’ll find free delivery is almost the industry standard, enjoyed by most topper owners in Australia.

3-Year Warranty

A warranty covers you for any manufacturer defects, like broken foam and zippers. This can be a relief to those who want a topper with the guarantee that they’ll be covered for any defects in the future. The Origin Contour Mattress Topper has a middle-ground warranty of 3 years, which is a good length for most homes.

In comparison, the Emm Flip Topper has no warranty, while the Peace Lily Topper’s warranty is 7 years longer. If you want the longest warranty possible, I would go with Peace Lily. But if you’re okay with a medium length of coverage, I would go with the Origin Contour.


Now, you don’t have to struggle when deciding if the Origin Contour is the right fit for you. I’ve gone through how it feels, its features, and which sleeper type it fits the best. In this review, I found the Origin Contour Mattress Topper the most comfortable on my back with its excellent support. I think restless sleepers and hot sleepers will benefit from this topper the most as it has excellent motion isolation and coolness properties.

What are your thoughts on the Origin Contour Topper? Let us know in the comments below!

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